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Narendra Modi, top BJP leaders changed Twitter Name in ‘Chowkidar’ Campaign

Chowkidar seems to be emerging as the Keyword in Lok Sabha elections 2019 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other top BJP leaders adding the word "Chowkidar" to their twitter handles on Sunday! 

pm modi chowkidar

PM Narendra Modi and best BJP pioneers on Sunday prefixed 'chowkidar' to their name on Twitter as a major aspect of a battle propelled on Saturday that requested that individuals take the 'fundamental bhi chowkidar hoon' vow. 

The move is a counter to Congress president Rahul Gandhi's pitch that derides PM Modi for portraying himself as the nation's guard. 'Chowkidar chor hai' (Watchman is a hoodlum) has been a running subject in Rahul Gandhi's crusade against the BJP for a considerable length of time. 

Gandhi has regularly contended that his pitch, which began with his claim that the legislature purchased overrated Rafale contender planes, reverberated with individuals. 

Toward the beginning of today, PM Modi's own Twitter handle was changed to 'Chowkidar Narendra Modi' and that of BJP boss Amit Shah's was 'Chowkidar Amit Shah'. Before long scores of BJP pioneers rolled out the improvement as well, following up on the BJP's "Fundamental bhi Chowkidar" battle propelled yesterday. 

As a feature of this battle, in a tweet put out on his @narendramodi handle yesterday, PM Modi expressed, "Your Chowkidar is standing firm and serving the country. In any case, I am not the only one. Everybody who is battling defilement, soil, social disasters is a Chowkidar. Everybody buckling down for the advancement of India is a Chowkidar. Today, every Indian is stating #MainBhiChowkidar." 

The tweet was joined by a 3 minute 45 second video that starts with the PM tending to the general population saying, "Your chowkidar is totally alert". The video at that point moves into a melody with visuals of individuals from over the length and broadness of the nation, singing "principle bhi chowkidar hun" as a major aspect of the theme of the tune. 

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